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How Do I Prepare To Leave My FFS Practice For DPC?

How Do I Prepare To Leave My FFS Practice For DPC?

Join Dr. Phil Boucher and Dr. Marina Capella as they delve into the practical steps and legal considerations involved in transitioning from a fee-for-service practice to opening your own pediatric Direct Primary Care (DPC). Drawing from Dr. Phil’s firsthand experience, this episode provides valuable insights on navigating contracts, understanding non-compete clauses, and strategically planning your exit to ensure a smooth transition to DPC without jeopardizing future endeavors.

Key Highlights

  • Discussion on the initial steps to consider when planning to leave a fee-for-service practice, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly reviewing your employment contract.

  • Insightful tips on how to obtain a copy of your contract without raising suspicions, including practical advice for approaching your employer.

  • Exploring key contract elements such as notice period requirements and non-compete clauses, with a focus on understanding their implications for your career.

  • Advice on engaging a lawyer to decipher the legalese of your contract, ensuring you fully comprehend your obligations and rights.

  • Strategies for maintaining a professional relationship during your transition, managing the departure process gracefully, and preparing for potential challenges from former partners or employers.

  • Tips on how to communicate your new practice details to your patients while adhering to contractual limitations, ensuring they can continue to access your services.

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If you’re contemplating a move to Direct Primary Care, this episode is a must-listen, packed with actionable advice to navigate the complexities of such a significant career shift. Remember, careful planning and legal guidance are crucial in making a successful transition that aligns with your professional goals and legal obligations.

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