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Do I Have To Be On Call 24/7?

Do I Have To Be On Call 24/7?

In this episode, Dr. Phil Boucher and Dr. Marina Capella tackle a common concern among pediatricians considering a transition to Direct Pediatric Care (DPC): the fear of being on call 24/7. They share insights on how to manage after-hours patient communications effectively without compromising personal time or sleep. The doctors discuss practical strategies for setting boundaries and automating responses to ensure both prompt patient care and personal well-being.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction to the concerns about 24/7 availability in DPC and how it impacts work-life balance.

  • Dr. Phil explains the systems and boundaries he has set up to manage patient expectations and after-hours communication.

  • Discussion on how automated messages and scheduling tools can help manage patient interactions outside of normal office hours.

  • Strategies for handling urgent late-night inquiries without disrupting the physician’s personal life, including how to use technology to triage patient needs effectively.

  • Dr. Marina shares her approach to ensuring that her sleep and personal time are respected, while still providing high-quality care to her patients.

  • Both doctors discuss the benefits of DPC in reducing the volume of after-hours emergencies, thanks to more accessible and personalized care during the day.

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Understanding how to manage patient expectations and communications in a DPC model can significantly alleviate the stress of being on call. By setting clear boundaries and utilizing technology, DPC pediatricians can provide excellent care without sacrificing their well-being. Tune in for more episodes where we dive into the practical aspects of running a successful and balanced DPC practice.

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